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Coaching & Support for Teachers with Autistic Students

Are you a teacher with an autistic student who is looking for some help and advice? Or perhaps you would like to start teaching autistic students but you're not sure where to start. ​I offer a 1:1 coaching service for any teacher who would either like some support and guidance with their existing students, or are interested in a more general 'getting started' session. 

Sessions are available for UK and international teachers online via Zoom or, if you are local to the Cardiff area and would like to travel to my studio, we can arrange a face to face meeting. 

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The Autistic Lens

Learn how to approach teaching through the 'lens of autism', or through the perspective of the autistic person.



Gain understanding and skills in communicating with your autistic students, including minimal and non-speaking students. 

Develop a fresh perspective of neurodivergent communication skills through the use of the 'Double Empathy' paradigm



Learn more about the sensory differences that autistic people experience, including aural, visual, tactile, and olfactory, and how these can be both advantageous and distressingly overwhelming to your students.

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Note Reading

Reflect on your current practices in how you use notation. Develop skills in modifying notation to make bespoke scores for your students, and gain confidence in teaching by ear and by rote. 



Learn how the ways in which we as teachers behave can impact our autistic students. Gain understanding in the art of being mindful in how our words and actions can affect someone whose psychology may be very different to our own. 



Throughout our teaching of vulnerable individuals, we must be conscious at all times that people who cannot speak or easily communicate their needs still have agency. Develop skills in ensuring all autistic students, even those without speech and those with co-occurring learning disabilities, have choice in their lessons.

Coaching Fees

Fees for 1:1 coaching are: 

£25.00 for 30 minutes

£45.00 for 60 minutes

A £5.00 discount is available if you book a second 30 minute session

Please contact me if you would like to discuss group bookings or corporate rates 

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