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Lynne has taught three of my children. She is a great teacher, able to respond to their different levels and interests. They have learnt a wide range of pieces and styles with her. She also helped them prepare well for the higher exams. 

She has been able to adapt her teaching so that my daughter who is dyslexic can make good progress and enjoy playing piano. Other teachers had said to me that she would struggle with it but she really enjoys learning with Lynne. 


I am an adult learner who returned to the piano after taking a break to focus on university. Lynne had a lot of work to do to break all my bad playing habits and improve my technique. Not only has she made me a vastly better pianist, she's given me so much more confidence. I always look forward to and enjoy my lessons with Lynne. I can't recommend her highly enough. Not only is she a fantastic pianist in her own right, she's also an incredible teacher. 


Lynne is a truly wonderful piano teacher who tailors her lessons to the motivations and strengths of her students.  I have three children, all of whom go to Lynne for their lessons.  Each one is different, from my Aspergers eldest, to my freewheeling middle child and difficult-to-keep-concentrating youngest.  One is going for Jazz exams, one would like standard exams and one is not interested in them at all. Lynne moves between the teaching styles needed for each apparently effortlessly.  All are flourishing with her attention, and enjoying their piano even as they move to harder pieces.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. 


Lynne taught me many years ago, and now teachers my daughter. My daughter has aspergers and can be very challenging, to the point that her school struggle to deal with her behaviour. Not so Lynne. She’s established an amazing rapport with her because she listens to her and provides her with calm but firm encouragement. My daughter has made fantastic progress and really enjoys her lessons. With lots of challenges in school, it’s by far the most positive educational experience she’s had in her life. At the end of the day, my daughter feels valued, listened to and supported, and that makes all the difference. 

Milly (aged 11)

Lynne is the best piano teacher ever! She always lets you choose the pieces that you want to learn and she brings out all of the fun in piano which is what it’s all about!

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