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On street parking is a mixture of residential-only parking and unrestricted parking.

There are several unrestricted spaces directly outside my house and on the adjoining streets


I teach out of my home music studio in a small victorian converted coach house. 

Entrance to the house is directly off the street. There are no steps to the front entrance although there is a small lip to the front door. 

The bathroom is very small, located on the ground floor, with a small step/lip for access. 


I have a very large upright piano and hardwood floors.  This means there is a large auditory sensory experience to my studio, probably more so than in your own home. You or your child are welcome to wear a hat/hoodie/hi fidelity ear plugs to make your lesson more comfortable if you wish.

The piano is placed directly near a large window, which can be very bright during spring/summer months. The curtains can be drawn at your request at any time to block out this light. 

For Autistic Students

If you or your child are autistic, and you would find it useful to see photos of my studio (outside, inside, or both) in advance of a trial lesson, please let me know, I am happy to provide this on request.

I have a busy timetable and often teach students back to back. If you would like to be notified in advance of any changes to who you or your child may meet during lesson crossover times, please let me know, and I will do my best to keep you updated.

As my house leads directly onto the street, there is a certain amount of foot-traffic going past the window close to the piano. If you or your child find this either uncomfortable, or a distraction, I am more than happy to draw the curtains for your lesson. 


You or your child may communicate in ways other than speech, either always or sometimes. It is a part of my role to communicate in ways which work for you or your child. 


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