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One of my specialist areas is in teaching autistic children and adults.


My teaching approach is to work positively with autistic students and the differences that autism brings to music learning, whilst being understanding of and sensitive to the specific sensory and social requirements of each student. 

My teaching incorporates multisensory techniques, and I can provide highly structured lesson and/or practice routines if these are something my students may find helpful. 


Trial periods are usually 2 weeks, but this can be extended to a half term for autistic students, to allow you or your child longer to settle into a new teaching environment. 


For more information, please read this recent blog post I wrote on teaching autistic piano students. This post is aimed at other piano teachers rather than parents or prospective students, but it gives some detail on my teaching ethos and methods



Please note, although I am highly experienced in teaching piano to autistic children and adults, I do not provide music therapy. If music therapy is something you are interested in, please visit the British Association of Music Therapists at 

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